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近日 本公司征集精品推荐:清代粉彩花鸟瓶

2020-04-08| 来源:互联网| 查看: 317| 评论: 0

摘要: 【藏品名称】:清代粉彩花鸟瓶[collectionname]:QingDynastypastelflowerandbirdvase【类别】:瓷器Class:Porcelain清代粉彩瓷器是......


[collection name]:Qing Dynasty pastel flower and bird vase


Class: Porcelain


清代粉彩瓷器是中国清代传统彩瓷品种之一,要说彩瓷的发展巅峰,当然是清代。清代的彩瓷,鼎盛时期是康雍乾三朝,以珐琅彩和粉彩为代表。其烘烧的温度较五彩低,色彩柔和淡雅,又称软彩。乾隆时期的粉彩瓷器,除继承传统以渲染为主要手法的白地粉彩瓷外,还繁衍出许多色地开光、光内绘粉彩的纹饰,如蓝地描金开光,各种锦地开光,各种色地粉彩花卉开光等。此藏品为清代粉彩花鸟瓶 ,瓶身绘制春日花鸟图,彩绘增加了粉彩瓷器在色彩对比上的美感,栩栩如生。

Qing Dynasty pastel porcelain is one of the traditional porcelain varieties in Qing Dynasty. The peak of its development is Qing Dynasty. In the Qing Dynasty, colored porcelain flourished in the three dynasties of Kang, Yong and Qian, represented by enamel and pastel. Its baking temperature is lower than that of multicolor, and its color is soft and elegant, also known as soft color. In the Qianlong period, in addition to inheriting the traditional white porcelain with rendering as the main technique, there were also a lot of patterns of opening light in various colors and painting in light, such as depicting gold in blue, opening light in various brocades, opening light in various colors of pink flowers, etc. This collection is a pastel vase of flowers and birds in Qing Dynasty. The body of the vase is painted with a picture of flowers and birds in spring. The painting increases the beauty of pastel porcelain in color contrast and makes it lifelike.



The gradual redundancies of pastels can not only freely and fluently touch all colors, but also express images delicately. Its technique of expression is known as a typical representative of the official kilns of the Qing Dynasty, and becomes the main production product of Jingdezhen. In the early period of Jiaqing Dynasty, pastels kept the style of Qianlong Dynasty, but they were far inferior to Qianlong. In Daoguang and Xianfeng dynasties, it was declining. Although the number of pastel porcelain was large, the variety and shape of pastel porcelain were greatly reduced, and there were few excellent products. In the two dynasties of Tongzhi and Guangxu, due to the turmoil and decline of the whole society, except for a small number of official kiln pastes, Jingdezhen porcelain industry had no special and exquisite pastes.





In the late Kangxi period, because of the start-up of pastels, the raw materials were imported, the painting meaning was relatively simple, and handed down artifacts were rare. In 1782, the raw materials needed for pastels were able to be produced by itself, and the technique of pastels was becoming more and more mature. Sometimes there were more than 20 kinds of colors used for a single object. Pastels have taken the place of multicolored and become the top of glaze painting. Not only the products of official kilns are mainly decorated with pastels, but also are widely used in civil kilns. In the reign of Qianlong, the firing of pastel porcelain entered a golden age.


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